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Your answer: Motion.

Thousands of top-performing CEOs and professionals use Motion’s calendar, tab management, and focus tools to save hours each day.

So they can spend their time on what matters most.

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Top performers at top companies trust Motion.

1-Click Calendar

Like a calendar. Unlike any calendar you’ve ever seen.

Opening your calendar 20 times a day isn’t efficient. Multiple calendars are confusing and make it easy to miss meetings.

The 1-Click Calendar increases your speed and helps you easily manage your schedule and your day.

  • View your calendar in 1 click without opening a new tab.
  • Combine all of your calendars into one view — like your Google and Outlook calendars.
  • Schedule meetings without opening a new tab.
  • View your coworker’s schedules at a glance.
  • Enter virtual meeting rooms in 1 click.
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Meeting Scheduler

The scheduler that puts you ahead of schedule

Meetings destroy your productivity. They make it difficult to finish important work, and divide your day into tiny chunks of time where focus is difficult.

Motion’s intelligent Meeting Scheduler protects your day and sets aside large blocks of time for your most important work.

  • Build a custom meeting booking page you can easily share with colleagues.
  • Prefer back-to-back meetings? Or afternoon meetings? Motion will Intelligently display preferred meeting times that optimize your focus and productivity.
  • Send auto-generated, personalized emails in 1 click that share your availability.
  • Create meeting templates you can reuse again and again to eliminate repetition.
  • Set an hour limit to daily meetings. So colleagues can’t book your entire day.

The coworkers, clients, or bosses who control your calendar, control your life. Get control back with Meeting Scheduler.

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Intelligent Events

Get smart with how you plan your day.

If you don’t set aside time for important tasks and actions — like exercise, lunch, and focused work — you’ll never do them.

Blocking off inflexible times on your calendar isn't the solution. It makes it nearly impossible to schedule meetings with other busy people.

Introducing Intelligent Events — the algorithm-powered way to flexibly block time.

  • Choose a window of time for an action or task. Intelligent Events will select a time within that window and block it off on your calendar.
  • If an important meeting needs to happen at that time, Intelligent Events will move your time block to a different time in your chosen window.
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Tab Manager

Those 47 open browser tabs slow you down and stress you — and your computer — out.

Dozens of open tabs overwhelm you, distract you, and make it difficult to find the tab you need. They also tax your computer, causing it to freeze and hum.

That’s where Tab Manager comes in.

  • See all of your open tabs at a glance.
  • Close tabs one-by-one or close an entire window of tabs in one click.
  • Build workspaces where you can save commonly-used sites and open them in one click.
  • Save tabs for later and close them if you’re not actively using them.

With Tab Manager, close all of your tabs at the end of the day. In the morning, easily open the right tabs in seconds.

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Distraction Blocker

It just got a whole lot harder to get distracted.

Notifications release dopamine. They’re designed to distract you. That’s why it’s so easy to check Slack messages, email, and social media. You might feel like you’re being productive. You’re actually distracted, making it nearly impossible to finish your most important work.

Motion’s Distraction Blocker makes it easier to focus.

  • Get an on-screen reminder to focus every time you visit a distracting site.
  • Whitelist certain pages. (For instance, block Facebook, but allow your Facebook business page.)
  • Set custom times and days when you’d like to block distractions.
  • Block all news sites (like Buzzfeed) and shopping sites (like Amazon) in 1 click.
  • See detailed reports showing how much time you spend on different sites

With Distraction Blocker, you can eliminate the urge to view notifications or get off task.

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Motion gives you more time to surf — or do whatever you love.

Motion’s ability to condense my schedule is almost priceless. I have more dedicated focus time, or time to go surfing during low tide in Santa Cruz.”

Eric Chen, Partner at OVO Fund

"Motion does a really good job at keeping me focused. It probably squeezes an extra hour into my workday every day."

Michael Siebel, CEO of Y Combinator

“Motion takes the pain and friction out of doing my daily work in the browser."

Mathew Pregasen, CEO of QuickCard

“Motion's shortcuts and calendar tools save me time and the tab manager helps reduce clutter in my browser."

Patrick Lee, Founder of Rotten Tomatoes

Motion is the all-in-one tool to make you the most productive person in the room.

The cost of trying Motion: Zero money, 5 minutes of your time to set it up.

The cost of not trying Motion:
1 to 2 hours of lost time each day.

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